Systematic push backs of refugees at the Greek border 

Pro Asyl’s report “PUSHED BACK” reveals systematic push backs of refugees in the Aegean Sea, from Greek Islands and at the Greek-Turkish land border.

The majority of the victims are refugees from Syria – men, women, children, babies, and people suffering from severe illness - trying to enter Europe to seek international protection or to reunite with their families. While the EU publicly repeats its commitment to stand by Syrian refugees, their fundamental human rights are being violated at the European border.

According to the interviewees’ eyewitness accounts, it can be estimated that over 2,000 persons were pushed back, given the make-up of the groups they travelled with. The PRO ASYL report accuses the Greek government, the border police and the coastguard of these practices, and raises the question of wider European complicity.

Report "PUSHED BACK - systematic human rights violations against refugees in the aegean sea and at the greek-turkish land border" (pdf)



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