Dance-Banoptikon performance @Embros Theater, Athens Greece 

Dance-Banoptikon performance @Embros Theater, Athens Greece from Personal Cinema on Vimeo.


The dance group dancevacuum, in collaboration with Personal Cinema presents the performance DANCE-BANOPTIKON.
Concept-Choreography: Vicky Vasilopoulou.
Dancers: Artzi Barouxi, Marianna Kallia, Abdul Nazari, Omar Rose, Vicky Vasilopoulou.
Saturday, 21 December 2013, 10pm, at FREE SELF-MANAGED THEATER EMBROS
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Refuge, 18 stories from the Syrian Exodus 

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Dance - Banoptikon. Dancevacuum & Personal Cinema @ Embros Theater, December 21, 2013 

Photos: Alexandros Manopoulos

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Meet the Somalis. The illustrated stories of Somalis in seven cities in Europe 

Meet the Somalis is a collection of 14 illustrated stories depicting the real life experiences of Somalis in seven cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Leicester, London, Malmo, and Oslo. The stories allow readers a unique insight into what everyday life is like as a Somali in Europe. Meet the Somalis is based on the firsthand testimonies of Somalis in Europe interviewed during six months in 2013.

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Migrants dead as boat sinks near Greece 

At least 12 people, including four children, dead as inflatable boat sinks off the coast of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea.

At least 12 migrants including four children have died after their inflatable boat sank off a western Greek island in the Ionian Sea, port authorities say.

The Greek Merchant Marine Ministry said the incident occurred early Friday, off the coast of Lefkada, an island in the Ionian Sea, and the migrants were presumed to have been headed to nearby Italy.

"A search is under way for other victims," a spokeswoman for the port police told AFP, adding that the migrants were travelling in an eight-metre (26-foot) inflatable dinghy that was found in the area.

The survivors landed at Paleros, a small western Greek coastal town opposite Lefkada. Their nationalities and port of departure were not immediately known.

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