32 survivors of migrant drowning tragedy arrive in Piraeus 

The yacht in which the tragedy occured is removed from the sea by coastguard officials on Samos (Photo: AFP)

Remains of 12 unidentified victims of Samos sinking also taken to Athens

Updated At: 15:52 Monday 5 May 2014
Author: Damian Mac Con Uladh

22 bodies have been recovered as coastguard vessels, fishing boats and two search and rescue helicopters comb the area for more survivors

The 32 survivors of last week's migrant boat disaster off the coast of Samos, in which 22 people drowned and another seven remain missing, arrived in Piraeus on Monday morning, on the European Express ferry.

Among the survivors of last Monday's disaster, caused when a 10m yacht and a dinghy carrying undocumented migrants capsized, are seven Syrian nationals, 24 Somalis and a woman from Eritrea.

Also on board the European Express were the remains of 12 of the 22 victims recovered from the capsized boat that the authorities have not been able to identify. Ten victims were identified and buried on Samos. The victims included four children and a pregnant woman.

Representatives of Syriza's human rights group held a rally at the port to coincide with the arrival of the survivors.

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Dance-Banoptikon @ dancevacuum 

DANCE-BANOPTIKON, Saturday 26 April & Saturday- Sunday, 3,4 ΜΑΙΟΥ at DANCEVACUUM CENTRE OF PERFORMING ARTS Diogenous 42, Chalandri, Athens.

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Private security firms bid on Greek asylum centres 


BRUSSELS - Private security firms are bidding to guard EU-funded migrant detention centres in Greece amid a report by Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF), which says poor conditions in some of the facilities are causing disease.

Greek authorities received EU money to refurbish and renovate Fylakio Oresteiadas, a pre-removal detention centre located in a remote area near the Turkish border.

Greece now wants to outsource its security, along with two other pre-removal centres in Corinth and Paranesti Dramas, to a private security firm for €14 million a year.

Fylakio was among others included in a scathing MSF report out on Tuesday (1 April).

Detained migrants and asylum seekers are suffering from medical problems caused or aggravated by poor conditions, the length of detention, and the lack of consistent or adequate medical assistance, it says.

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Women and children among seven immigrants to die in latest Aegean tragedy - two still missing 

Photo: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

Since the early hours of this morning (Tuesday) the Greek Coast Guard has been conducting a rescue operation off the coast of the island of Mytilini, searching for irregular immigrants after the vessel they were travelling in sank. Eight people have been rescued while another seven bodies have been recovered with two still missing.
According to the Shipping Ministry, the operation in the sea northeast of the Koraka point of Mytilini began after two irregular immigrants were pulled from the waters by a passing Turkish cargo ship.

Following their rescue they informed the crew that they had been travelling in a small launch with another 15 people. The alarm was raised and a search and rescue operation was launched for the remaining people with civilian and Turkish and Greek Coast Guard vessels participating.

Eight people have been rescued in total while another seven bodies have been recovered. Among the dead are two women and three children. The Coast Guard is continuing the operation as it believes that there were another two people travelling in the boat who are still unaccounted for.

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‘From the Bottom of the Aegean Sea’ to Golden Dawn: Security, Xenophobia and the Politics of Hate in Greece 

‘From the Bottom of the AegeanSea’
to Golden Dawn: Security,Xenophobia, and the Politics of Hate in Greece
Dimitris Dalakoglou*
University of Sussex
‘Greece Belongs to theWest’
‘Greece belongs to the West’ declared, simplistically, one of the most famous political leaders of the Greek Right in the 1970s. However, his family name wasKaramanlis, stemming etymologically from the Turkish language. Precisely likethe surnames of a lot of Greeks including several nationalists, even leadingneo-Nazis of the Golden Dawn party.
As perhaps is expected, neither of themwould consider Turkey Western or European.

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