Migrants found suffocated in crowded vessel, as 400 are saved near Italy 

The Italian navy has rescued more than 4,000 migrants in recent days, with calmer seas causing an upsurge in boats trying to reach Italy. Photograph: Reuters

Engine fume inhalation thought to be to blame for nineteen deaths, with vessel intercepted by Italian and Maltese navies

Hannah Godfrey and agencies
theguardian.com, Saturday 19 July 2014 21.42 BST

Eighteen people have been found dead, believed suffocated, inside the hold of a boat carrying migrants from North Africa to Italy. A further 400 people were saved from the crowded vessel after it was intercepted early on Saturday south of the Italian island of Lampedusa, in waters between Libya and Malta, by Italian and Maltese naval vessels assisted by two passing merchant ships. Three gravely ill men were rushed to the Italian island of Lampedusa, but one died en route, raising the death toll to 19. The two remaining men were taken by helicopter to a hospital in the Sicilian capital of Palermo, according to the Italian navy.

Maltese authorities said many of the bodies were in the vessel's hold. Engine fume inhalation was the apparent cause of death, the Italian navy said. Last month, 30 migrants were killed in similar circumstances.

No information was released on the nationality of the survivors, who were taken to Italy.

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Asylum granted to Guinean man in Belgium after threats in Greece 

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Immigrants Face Indefinite Detention in Greece 

Credit: Nikos Pilos

Immigrants Face Indefinite Detention in Greece

By Apostolis Fotiadis

ATHENS, May 28 2014 (IPS) - The evolution of immigration and border control policy in Greece and its interdependence with European funding suggests an agenda which has been decided above national legislatures with strong coordination between European political actors and economic interests, while ignoring the human suffering it produces.

Since February, the Greek authorities have taken another step towards harsher treatment of irregular immigrants by announcing a policy of indefinite detention until repatriation. Indefinite detention has been based on an opinion of the Legal Council of the Greek State and will be implemented even in cases where repatriation is not feasible.

Earlier this week, a Greek court considered the premises of this decision to be against national and European legislation and asked for it to be revoked. Authorities have yet to react to this decision.

Since the summer of 2012, when police launched a crackdown policy on irregular immigrants with ‘Operation Xenios Zeus’, administrative detention has been implemented on a massive scale, often applied for the maximum period of 18 months.

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32 survivors of migrant drowning tragedy arrive in Piraeus 

The yacht in which the tragedy occured is removed from the sea by coastguard officials on Samos (Photo: AFP)

Remains of 12 unidentified victims of Samos sinking also taken to Athens

Updated At: 15:52 Monday 5 May 2014
Author: Damian Mac Con Uladh

22 bodies have been recovered as coastguard vessels, fishing boats and two search and rescue helicopters comb the area for more survivors

The 32 survivors of last week's migrant boat disaster off the coast of Samos, in which 22 people drowned and another seven remain missing, arrived in Piraeus on Monday morning, on the European Express ferry.

Among the survivors of last Monday's disaster, caused when a 10m yacht and a dinghy carrying undocumented migrants capsized, are seven Syrian nationals, 24 Somalis and a woman from Eritrea.

Also on board the European Express were the remains of 12 of the 22 victims recovered from the capsized boat that the authorities have not been able to identify. Ten victims were identified and buried on Samos. The victims included four children and a pregnant woman.

Representatives of Syriza's human rights group held a rally at the port to coincide with the arrival of the survivors.

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Dance-Banoptikon @ dancevacuum 

DANCE-BANOPTIKON, Saturday 26 April & Saturday- Sunday, 3,4 ΜΑΙΟΥ at DANCEVACUUM CENTRE OF PERFORMING ARTS Diogenous 42, Chalandri, Athens.

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